ESTECO User Meeting

ESTECO user meeting blends virtual with on-site

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ESTECO has confirmed that its 2020 user meeting, UM20, will be free to attend in person or online, taking place on 30 September and 1 October for hundreds of it Volta and ModeFrontier users.

It is possible to attend remotely or on-site in Trieste, Italy, where the ESTECO user meeting will have more than 20 speakers from companies like Ford Motor Company, IVECO and Israel Aerospace Industries, covering a wide range of industrial sectors.

Under the theme Face the Future, the company has announced the first two keynote speakers from major international companies: Takenaka Corporation and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

ESTECO User Meeting 2018

Juan Montoro, conceptual design engineering manager at Lockheed Martin with 20 years of experience, will discuss the opportunity of moving Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation (MDO) from a desktop to a server-based approach.

The UM20 physical and virtual audience will get to know how Lockheed Martin engineers used Volta to foster MDO and optimise a close air support vehicle.

“While parametric design and artificial intelligence have recently stepped into the architectural field in the form of Generative Design”,  explained ESTECO president Carlo Poloni, “engineers in the aerospace industry boast a long-term experience with MDO.


“In both cases, the ability to capture, manage and share simulation and optimisation data and processes are changing the game.

“This is how we’re making the difference and helping companies and designers face the future.”

Toru Inaba, head office of the computational design group at Takenaka, joins the ESTECO user meeting agenda with the talk ‘Application of a collaborative web tool for structural design projects in the architectural field’.

Proving the increasing popularity of simulation and optimisation in building design, his presentation casts light on how Takenaka designers benefit from ESTECO’s Volta collaborative environment to share complex simulation projects and results.

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