Al Dean

Al Dean is DEVELOP3D’s editor in chief and has been writing and talking about product development technology for the last 20 years. With a technical background in product design and engineering, he still gets excited about new ways to apply a fillet.


Greg Corke

Greg Corke

Greg Corke is DEVELOP3D’s Managing Editor and resident workstation specialist. There’s nothing he likes more than putting the latest kit through its paces in 3D design, visualisation and simulation tools… well, there’s always travel, cooking, music and Arsenal as well.


Stephem Holmes

Stephen Holmes

As Digital Media Editor, Stephen’s role covers the online space and the magazines. A mix of interviewing designers for in-depth features, and hunting for the latest industry news keeps him busy. If you have a story, get in touch.



Martyn Day

Martyn Day is DEVELOP3D’s consulting editor and has been writing about design and the business of CAD for close to 30 years. Everyone knows Martyn. He’s always the one asking the CEOs the difficult questions. And the one carrying 17 different tech devices in his backpack.