Factory floor IoT key as PTC acquire Kepware for industrial automation data

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In a deal potentially rising to $118m, Kepware’s KEPServerEX will become the next strategic component of PTC’s fast growing ThingWorx IoT technology platform.

A software development company that provides communications connectivity to industrial automation environments, Kepware’s integration will allow organisations to gain enterprise-wide insight, enabling them to improve operational performance, quality, and time to market.

Once the companies’ products are integrated, machine data will be able to be aggregated into the PTC ThingWorx platform, with a wide array of internal and external information, and then automatically analysed using ThingWorx machine learning capabilities.
In its June 2015 research report, entitled The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype, the McKinsey Global Institute identified the factory as one of the largest sources of potential value to be realized from the adoption of the Internet of Things.

PTC has established a dedicated business segment and has formed a strategic alliance with GE to pursue this brilliant factory opportunity. The acquisition of Kepware is intended to complement the alliance with GE.

Kepware and PTC imply that they already share many common customers that will be able to realise value from the acquisition.

“Industrial environments already leveraging Kepware technology will be able to benefit from the added breadth of capabilities available in the PTC ThingWorx IoT technology platform,” reads a statement.


“The acquisition of Kepware will also provide a fast-to-value connectivity option for PTC customers to gain visibility into data from a vast range of industrial controls and production equipment, enabling them to kick-start their smart, connected factory initiatives.”

“PTC is committed to helping manufacturers, infrastructure operators, and others realise the enormous value inherent in the Internet of Things,” said Jim Heppelmann, PTC president and CEO.

“With this acquisition, we will gain entry into heterogeneous factory and operating environments with robust technology, an impressive list of customers, and a high-quality, profitable company with incredibly talented employees.”

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