Esteco launches its new generation of enterprise solutions – Volta

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Esteco has unveiled its new enterprise platform solution for integrating multiple modeling formats, Volta, billed as a state-of-the art environment that ‘takes enterprise-engineering processes to a new collaborative dimension’.

It promises to manage cross-functional, concurrent design steps from multidisciplinary teams by integrating multiple modeling formats and capturing the interactive and incremental continuous innovation process.

“Esteco has now moved one step further with the next generation of its enterprise platform, renamed from Somo to Volta,” explains Matteo Nicolich, Esteco enterprise solutions product manager.
“Volta embraces this experience and provides an environment tailored for digital model generation and detailed analysis that actively supports organisations in the adoption of a formal optimisation-driven design approach, tightly connected to existing PLM systems.”

Described as having a ‘service-oriented’ architecture, Volta looks to improve the sharing and reuse of enterprise engineering knowledge and provides all process stakeholders with an environment for distributed execution and access to key design data and performance.

As expected from a company such as Esteco, simulation holds an important place in Volta.

By mapping the set of possible design solutions and enabling interactive, multi-user cycles of trade-off analysis, Volta expands the potential benefits of simulation across the design and engineering process, from the early stages of design, down to validation and failure prediction.


With digital twins of products becoming more prevalent, Volta is already set up to provide an information structure that helps organisations manage such engineering data, promising quicker reactions to changes in scenarios or requirements and consequently reducing time to market.

“As the role of integrators becomes essential in the global value chains, Esteco technology helps engineering departments create a reliable, protected virtual prototyping process where organizations co-operate seamlessly in designing new products,” said Esteco president Carlo Poloni.

To introduce Volta, Esteco has announced a two part webinar series, where Matteo Nicolich will introduce key concepts, provide an overview of the environment and insights on exploiting enterprise engineering data and managing the entire simulation process.
– 23 February | Introducing VOLTA Part 1 | Focus on Collaboration
– 9 March | Introducing VOLTA Part 2 | Focus on Democratisation

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