farsoon FS721M

Farsoon 8 laser FS721M metals 3D Printer goes big

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Farsoon has announced the release of the FS721M-8-CAMS Concept Integration, with 8 500W or 1000W lasers onboard the FS721M platform for large format 3D printing.

The new 3D printer is a continuation of the FS721M design, which was first introduced in 2021, and is intended for large-format industrial applications, including automotive, moulds and tooling.

The system has an internal conveyor system and exchangeable cartridge strategy. The breakout process is carried out simultaneous to the transfer of the completed build cartridge to the inert breakout station and the loading of the second cartridge to the system in order to begin the production job.

This exchangeable cartridge system maximises the use of the machine’s lasers, says Farsoon, allowing for high manufacturing turnover and minimal machine downtime between jobs.

The FS721M-8-CAMS is equipped with an expanded rectangular build cylinder of 720 x 420 x 390mm and can boost productivity up too 300cm3/h and lower production cost per part.

The 3D printer also features digital optics, customised multi-laser scanning strategies, and process parameters ensuring performance in multi-laser overlapping zones. The gas chamber includes multi-layer gas flow with wind-wall design for smooth operation.

An advance closed-loop powder handling system integrates multiple powder processes under a fully enclosed inert environment, including powder recycling, storage, sieving and new powder supply, with an integrated permanent filtration module also available as an option when speccing out the machine, for reduced operational cost and enhanced safety.


Like all other Farsoon additive manufacturing solutions, the FS721-8-CAMS is powered by Farsoon’s MakeStar software. Unlike other models, however, it is equipped with in-chamber cameras to monitor each layer of the printing process.