Luminary Cloud launches simulation SaaS running on Nvidia GPUs

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Luminary Cloud and its computer-aided engineering (CAE) SaaS platform have left stealth mode, promising high-fidelity simulations 100 times faster than legacy vendors.

Leveraging the raw speed of GPU- and cloud-based processing, its proprietary simulation platform is powered by parallel Nvidia GPU clusters hosted in the cloud, allowing engineers to iterate and test a variety of scenarios, and optimise product design.

Lumi AI, Luminary’s AI-based engineering design copilot, is said to cut down the time engineers spend in setup and simulation, replacing the manual, time-consuming steps of mesh generation by ‘intelligently adapting’ the computational mesh for higher accuracy and efficiency.

Pricing allows for an unlimited number of users, compared with legacy systems requiring multiple licenses, with Luminary saying that usage-based pricing allowing collaboration and accessibility for large, geographically distributed teams.

“While software engineering has become more agile thanks to advances in cloud technologies, physical engineering hasn’t kept pace, despite increasing pressure to deliver advanced products faster and more efficiently,” said Luminary Cloud CEO Jason Lango.

“Our platform empowers R&D teams to analyse, design, and innovate faster than they ever could before, which is crucial when facing  strong and globally competitive markets that demand better products in shorter time frames. We want to change the way that engineers get their work done and help them build the products of the future.”

The company was founded in 2019 by Lango, an expert in high-performance computing, cloud-based infrastructure, and cloud security, and Juan Alonso, the founder of Stanford’s Aerospace Design Laboratory and former director of NASA Aeronautics research programs.


Current customers span industries, including Joby Aviation, Piper Aircraft, Trek Bikes and Cobra Golf.

“Success in virtual testing requires advanced accuracy, speed, and versatility, and Luminary Cloud’s realtime engineering brings the industry closer than ever to that ideal,” said Bill Dally, chief scientist and SVP of research at Nvidia.

“We’re very proud to make it possible for innovative new companies like Luminary to incorporate AI and accelerate computing to change the way more great ideas happen.”

Luminary was incubated by Sutter Hill Ventures beginning in 2019, receiving $115 million from the company in funding.