PTC Creo Simulation Live launches with inbuilt Ansys live simulation tech

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PTC and Ansys has announced a new offering in the Creo product line, Creo Simulation Live, which combines PTC’s flagship 3D product development system with Ansys’ brand spanking new real time simulation technology directly inside in the system.

If you’re not familiar with it, Ansys’ Discovery Live technology takes advantage of the compute power of modern GPUs to deliver analysis results in a fraction of the time that they would typically require.

Yes, there are some trade offs (in terms of fidelity of results), but what you lose there, you more than make up for in interactivity, and now that technology is available inside PTC’s Creo, as a new module, called Creo Simulation Live.

“For too long, form and function have been separated in the design process. With this breakthrough technology, every engineer can get instant performance feedback on their design while they create it,” said Ansys VP and general manager Mark Hindsbo.


Essentially, this allows you to switch on the ADL tech and see near real time display of results for stress, thermal and modal analyses directly inside Creo.

As you make edits to your geometry, you’ll see live updates to the results.

“This capability will fundamentally change product design and allow engineers to innovate more and get to market faster – making product development much more agile,” said Brian Thompson, senior VP, CAD Segment, PTC.

“The demand for lighter, faster, and stronger products that work the first time has strained traditional design processes.

”Companies have long been advocating for analysis-led design, and PTC and ANSYS are combining forces to put simulation in the hands of design engineers. We are excited to continue to build on this collaboration with ANSYS.”

Of course, if you’re a long time Creo or Pro/Engineer user, you’ll know that this isn’t PTC’s first foray into simulation, with it’s Pro/Mechanica / Creo Simulate product having been the tool of choice for a while – but it looks like PTC is exploring alternatives with a more modern architecture.

During the launch phase there was talk of how this type of tool allows you to breakdown the idea that you need to maintain both a CAD model and a simulation model, having a singular representation of the product. Yes, that speeds up your workflow, as you can quickly see feedback on your design and your development progress.

You’ll be able to see a live demonstration of Creo Simulation Live at DEVELOP3D LIVE as well as hear from PTC’s Brian Thompson during our mainstage conference sessions.

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