Take to the polls: Your chance to answer

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Readers of DEVELOP3D take to the polls

Amidst the Monday morning drudgery here at DEVELOP3D.com we are giving you the chance to get motivated with the opportunity for you to cast your opinion on a head-scratching debate with our all new Poll of the Week.

As you fill your fifth cup of coffee; curse the start of the working week, and solicit explanations from your co-colleagues as to how you woke up after post-work Friday drinks in an old lady’s front garden, here you have the chance to do something productive for the benefit of your fellow designers and engineers.

All the totals will be collated and scrutinised on Friday’s blog – so return then to see if you’re amongst the masses, or striving out there as an intellectual pioneer/dumbwit [delete as applicable].

So, today’s question is:


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