Altair PCB Simsolid Circuit Solver

SimSolid circuit solvers launched by Altair for PCB design

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Altair has announced a new multi-disciplinary solver for PCB (printed circuit boards) and integrated circuits within SimSolid for electronics for fast and precise design iterations.

Altair SimSolid can predict structural issues within circuits without the need for geometry simplification or meshing, two of the most time-consuming parts of traditional finite element analysis.

Altair says that the solver will use precise multi-physics scenario exploration for electronics, including chips, circuits and full systems, allowing it to predict complex issues ‘up to 25 times faster’ than alternatives.

SimSolid will use meshless technology to help solve issues like signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility.

Faster results and the ability to solve complex electromagnetic problems will be made possible by SimSolid’s ECAD to simulation workflow, which will scale from metres to nanometres.

“Traditional simulation methods often require approximations when analysing PCB structures due to their complexity,” said Altair CEO James Scapa.

“Altair SimSolid eliminates these approximations to run more accurate simulations for complex problems with vast dimensional disparities.”


Altair predicts that the simulation market will increasingly look to leverage AI to develop neural networks, with its technology playing a part in training large use cases quickly and economically.

Simsolid has experienced popularity in the aerospace and automotive industries during the beta testing process, as both sectors often experience challenges due to the large size of circuits.

The initial release is predicted to be later in 2024, and will support structural and thermal analysis for PCBs and ICs, with full electromagnetics analysis coming in a later release.