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Elegoo adds $550 Saturn 2 8k SLA 3D Printer to line-up

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The Elegoo Saturn 2 8k has been launched as the brand’s first 8K printer resin printer, with a resolution reaching 7680 x 4320 pixels, at a launch price of $550.

Elegoo Saturn 2 8k detail model
The 8k resolution should allow for clearcut details in 3D printed models

The key update to the Saturn 2 8K is as the name implies: the 10-inch mono 8k resolution LCD screen jointly developed with Innolux, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, a professional TFT-LCD panel manufacturer and supplier of Apple among others.

Predominantly known for its consumer-grade offerings, Elegoo’s latest desktop 3D printer seems to have added some more reliable features, including a replaceable ‘9H tempered film’ to help guard against wear and tear (9H tempered glass apparently resists scratches from 9H pencils, the hardest standard grade of lead). As a result, the Saturn 2 8K should prove a little more robust than its bargain basement price and ‘straight-off of Amazon’ reputation suggests

Equipped with Elegoo’s own Fresnel Collimating Light Source technology, the company says it should help overcome the large-angle problem of typical LED light sources and the light spot problem of matrix light sources by ‘limiting the light angle under 5 degrees’. This reportedly results in sharper and more realistic 3D printed models.

The Chinese brand also unveiled a new series of 8K resins, and its latest Mercury XS Bundle Washing and Curing machine.

Elegoo also released new iterations of its Neptune line of FDM 3D printers, with the new Neptune 3 model priced at $209.99, making it among most affordable options with features of RSG (Resistance Strain Gauge) auto bed levelling, filament runout/clog detection and claimed 10 minute install time.

The first pre-order batch of 3,000 Sets costing $550 will be shipped from China in July, with delivery expected in August, with a second batch set to be shipped in August, with delivery expected in September.



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