3Dconnexion take it to the people

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The folks behind the innovative SpaceNavigator mice, for working in 3D environments, have launched an online lab for users to give their feedback and take up new applications.

Designed with the intention to develop the 3D mouse community, we took a look at the site and it has a few basic apps that most users will already have if they need them, including the fun 3DxWorldWind. The first of the new bunch is a plug-in for Caligari, a subsidary of Microsoft’s trueSpace 7.6, which should prove a nice addition to anyone using it.

Roman Ormandy, founder of Caligari, a subsidiary of Microsoft, said: “The mouse and keyboard are inherently 2D inputs, great for text documents or photo manipulations, but lacking when it comes to moving around a genuine 3D environment. The SpaceNavigator solves that.

For those with more time on their hands at the moment, there’s even the first game available for use with the mice – Multiwinia – which should nicely speed up the delivery of your P45.

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