New Hybrid series for post processing 3D prints in metals and thermoplastics

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The “PostProcess Technologies Hybrid Series for post processing advanced 3D printed materials

Solutions provider for the post processing of 3D printed parts, PostProcess Technologies, has launched its latest series of machine to aid and automate some of the toughest support material removal.

The Hybrid Series aims to further accelerate the use of 3D printing in production volumes by significantly reducing cycle time by reportedly removing supports from metals as well as high-end thermoplastics, such as Ultem.

Typically this is done in a lengthy manner by hand, however PostProcess Technologies is aiming to reduce this bottleneck with its jetting, suspended solids and detergents technology.
The initial product offered in the Hybrid series, DECI Duo, offers a clean, closed-loop system, and optimises production floor space with a space-saving footprint.

“By applying proprietary algorithms that optimise energy, as well as utilising suspended solids and our detergents, the Hybrid Series is the next-generation technological system that addresses the increased complexity associated with metal support removal and surface finishing combined in one system,” said Daniel Hutchinson, PostProcess Technologies founder, president and CTO

With post processing on an industrial scale one of the biggest challenges of moving the technology forward, PostProcess Technologies aims to accelerates the ease of support removal and surface finishing on advanced materials, helping users tackle the ‘third step’ of 3D printing.


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