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Cylindo 3D Viz for commerce software acquired by Chaos

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Chaos has announced its acquisition of Cylindo, a 3D product visualisation platform for online commerce favoured by the likes of furniture retailers in the growing AR market to assist online sales.

Incorporated in 2012, Cylindo looks to make the photorealistic visualisation of products easy through its web-based upload service, which today powers four quintillion product variations and 18 million monthly users.

Users upload existing 3D CAD models and assets, or Cylindo can create custom 3D assets from scratch from user images, dimensions, specifications, and swatches.

Cylindo Platform workflowThe user then chooses preferences for scenes, lighting and shadows, and selects the framing and camera angle, with the same design principles will be applied across all products. An internal communication channel in the app means that any changes are then made.

The results can be used in product configurators and feeds, AR/VR experiences, interactive room scenes, and other marketing channels, having been optimised for 4K rendering and fast loading.

The new acquisition will continue to operate as an independent brand collaborating closely with the Chaos team, with its services and solutions continuing to be developed from its offices in Boston, USA); Copenhagen, Denmark; and the cities of Bitola and Skopje in North Macedonia.

“We are excited to welcome Cylindo, a very fast-growing 3D product visualisation platform, to the growing Chaos family,” said Chaos co-CEO Christian Lang.


“Our acquisition of Cylindo is the next stepping stone to becoming a world leader in 3D visualisation. With Cylindo, we can meet increasing needs for easy-to-use, high-quality 3D visualisation, augmented reality, and virtual reality technologies across numerous industries,”

The acquisition now brings the Chaos joint workforce, which recently merged with Enscape, to approximately 700 employees across the globe.

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