XPLM x Aras

Aras partners with XPLM to improve open connectivity

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Aras has announced a partnership with the provider of connectivity solutions XPLM, to better face the rapid change in the engineering and manufacturing industries.

The American company, publisher of product development software Aras Innovator, claims the investment will help deliver future innovation, features, quality, and a ‘level of expertise that the market requires today and in the future’.

As global manufacturers are today challenged with connecting a wide range of tools and systems from multiple vendors, the number of tools and connectivity complexity continue to increase with the development of smart connected products and support for Industry 4.0, said the software developer.

Innovations in open connectivity, such as the linked data approach, were a central aspect of the collaboration between XPLM and Aras, as the software developer believes it will be an increasingly important aspect of the diverse connectivity landscape moving forward.

With this partnership with XPLM, Aras aims to continue to increase its suite of connectivity solutions based on best practices and industry standards while operating as an independent business, with global expansion including a new office location in Japan.

“As a long-time digitalisation expert to our many partners and customers, we know the importance of continuous investment to maintain our technology leadership in open connectivity solutions as the pace of innovation continues to increase,” said XPLM MD Karl Wachtel.

“With Aras, we found a partner that shares our vision for the future, and understands the necessity for independence, confidentiality, and neutrality that our business requires to protect intellectual property and maintain our trusted relationships.”


“Aras believes the industry needs a strong, independent source for open connectivity technologies, especially as global engineering and manufacturing environments get ever more complicated with new tools and systems,” said Aras CEO Roque Martin.

“We invested in XPLM to advance the innovation in connector solutions for customers worldwide, and to ensure that the connectors remain open and that there is a level playing field for all into the future.”

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