Wireless Mo-Cap body kit from Noitom ducks under $4K mark

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An IMU sensor-based full-body motion capture system that can record motion data anywhere without any constraints to space and without the need for optical cameras has been launched by Noitom.

The Perception Neuron Pro can be used in any lighting condition both indoors or out, without occlusion, cameras or line-of-site restrictions – and while it is focussed on the gaming and SFX markets, these qualities – plus its compatibility with a range of softwares – makes it an interesting bit of kit for designers and engineers wanting to virtually test ergonomics, scale and range.

With a pre-order price of $3,999, and a final price of $4,499, the portable solution offers a 120 Hz maximum output rate that should give users smooth and accurate data as well as the ability to live stream data.

A hardshell anti-mag case for storing the motion capture suit and its accessories acts as a charging station and calibration unit to set up all the sensors at once.

Perception Neuron is delivered with AXIS Neuron, its in-house software designed to manage and calibrate the system as well as perform basic motion capture along with the ability to stream BVH data as well as export files as .FBX for use in the most popular 3D software programs.


The software is compatible with Autodesk Motion Builder, Maya and 3ds Max, as well as Unreal, Unity and Occulus.

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