Scribble Pen – scan any colour and reproduce it physically or digitally in seconds

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The Scribble Pen cad scan colours from physical or digital objects, storing it on its inbuilt memory

In more hi-tech pen news today we’re excited to about the Scribble colour reproducing pen, once it gets back onto Kickstarter with a new video (required to show more in-depth how it works – the perils of crowd funding, eh?).

Available for pre-order soon, Scribble has the ability to scan and reproduce up to 16 million colours, either on tablet (using the Scribble Stylus) or on paper (using the ink-mixing Scribble Ink) its a great tool for designers on the move, who have been taken by a spot of inspiration, or simply want to try out new colour schemes without hassle.

The technology is already Photoshop and Corel compatible, although we’ll have to wait for further information on 3D CAD products, yet colours can be imported to both Mac and PC, so we can’t see any reason why this couldn’t work.

The scanner is RGB but can easily convert colours to CMYK, storing the colours you’ve found on a 1Gb internal hard drive, and letting you visualise this using a smartphone or tablet.

Both pens come with a range of nibs, while the technology in the Scribble Ink mixes the colours on the spot through a cartridge set-up, using lightfast and water resistant inks, while linking it to your smart device also lets you monitor the amount of ink left.


The Scribble Pen option mixes the ink to the exact colour onboard

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