3D printing pens – CreoPop offers an SLA printer in your pocket with range of functional ‘inks’

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The CreoPop 3D pen ‘draws’ in photo curable resin, allowing you to sketch in 3D much quicker than the previous generation of ABS-melting pens

Till now 3D printing ‘pens’ have been, in essence, repurposed glue guns/soldering irons, melting plastic at high temperature with few actual design-related uses.

This was until we saw CreoPop’s efforts, which uses UV curing of photopolymers – meaning no heat (or accidental 250 degree burns), no smells, and immediately handleable parts, meaning fast designs.

An interesting way of 3D sketching a form or idea, the venture-backed company based in Singapore has launched a wide array of new ‘inks’, including an elastic ink and a conductive ink.

“Our amazing collection of inks is at the very core of what makes CreoPop special. With eight inks, we now provide a really exciting experience for users,” said co-founder of CreoPop Dmitry Starodubtsev.

“Going forward we plan to develop additional inks as well as to produce inks for commercially available 3D printers to bring the CreoPop experience beyond the pen.”


Added to the already available inks in multiple colours and a temperature sensitive version, there is now an aromatic ink to create nice smelling objects; a body-paint ink to make temporary tattoos and henna designs, and a glittering ink.

Clearly the majority of these are for fun craft projects, but the ability to add conductive parts to already existing products, or extra detail to 3D parts by hand, make this a unique development.

The device is still fundraising on Indiegogo, with developments to the prototypes continuing to reduce its size and increase its functionality, but you can get involved, with a pen investment costing you $124.

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