Make A Bot Competition – The winners!

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Finally we can unveil to you the winner of our Make A Bot competition, in which hundreds of you sent in your robot designs in order to win the amazing prize of a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer!

Chosen by Legacy Effects lead systems engineer Jason Lopes, DEVELOP3D editor in chief Al Dean, and MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis: The winner is…

Winner: James Mason

The winning design by James Mason – he wins an amazing MakerBot Replicator 2

Our judges’ thoughts:
“James Mason is my winner. It’s a cool robot and a creative design, but it also has the documentation and 3D build calculations to back it up”, Jason Lopes

“As a long time fan of the Daleks, I can’t help but love a robot with a human head. For that reason, this is pretty damned epic,” Al Dean


We grabbed hold of James to tell him the good news, and he told us this about his creation:

“I wanted to incorporate everything from hand sculpting, 3D scanning, scavenging old parts from the real world and bringing all this together with some well engineered fit and function, with a nod to a certain modern day animated film.

“So, I had the detailed parts of an old World War II German Panther tank truck unit, the old leaf spring suspension from an old Land Rover and, lets face it, everyone knows that the body of any self-build retro robot needs to be that old metal dustbin.

“Then with a 3D caricature of yours truly, I was able to bring the final design together using multiple CAD systems and data types — a true hybrid”

Congratulations to James – a brand-spanking new MakerBot Replicator 2 is on its way to him courtesy of the amazing people at MakerBot.

The lucky runners-up, who will each receive their robots 3D printed by the delightful people at IPF ltd, who are vastly experienced in producing high detail action figures and models, are:

Runners-up: Carlos Jimenez Restrepo and Mark Little

Runner-up Carlos Jimenez Restrepo’s surveillance robot

Runner-up Mark Little’s bad ass creation

A big thank you to all that have entered, judged and put up the prizes – stay tuned for further competitions in the future!

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