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Culgi acquired by Siemens for soft materials simulation

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Siemens has announced it is to acquire Culgi, multiscale chemistry simulation experts with software solutions for specialty chemicals, batteries, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

To date, Cugli states that it has been used in over 50 industrial projects and a range of European projects.

Using scripted workflows, these can be edited through a proprietary graphical scripting editor or via Python scripting, which it claims is the key to its success in modelling a wide variety of systems.

Culgi will join Siemens Digital Industries Software, where its solutions will expand simulation capabilities of its Xcelerator portfolio with quantum and molecular chemistry models that couple with the continuum approach in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software.

“Innovations in soft materials engineering begin at the quantum and molecular levels,”  said Jan Leuridan, senior VP, simulation and test solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software.

“With Culgi technology as part of the Simcenter portfolio, process engineers will gain access to a comprehensive digital twin that combines micro-scale, meso-scale and macro-scale modelling.

“This tightly integrated workflow enables the design exploration of advanced materials in the context of product performance objectives, and we welcome the team to Siemens.”


The acquisition of Culgi builds on Siemens’ November 2019 acquisition of MultiMechanics, which added efficient prediction of solid material properties and behaviour to the Simcenter portfolio.

Through the addition of Culgi’s soft materials simulation, Simcenter is now able to offer an integrated CAE solution that enables performance-driven optimisation of advanced materials.

“We are excited to join Siemens and help create the future of simulation software,” said Culgi CEO Johannes Fraaije.

“Virtual screening of novel materials in an early stage of development is a key enabler of digitalisation in the chemical industries.

“With the integration of Culgi molecular simulation software and services within the Simcenter portfolio, engineers have an extra handle to design materials efficiently and effectively, with desired properties all along the value chain from inception, to process development, to logistics and market analysis.”

Cugli was founded in 1999 in Leiden, The Netherlands, with its products used to design and analyse new materials.

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