IMSCAD and AMD to help smooth path to graphics virtualisation in the cloud

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Customers are able to test their own datasets and 3D CAD applications using AMD virtual GPUs in the cloud

IMSCAD Global is teaming up with AMD to deliver a global demo platform to help Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and design / manufacturing firms ease the transition to graphics virtualisation in public or private clouds.

The collaboration centres on a ‘PoC (Proof of Concept) in a week’ where IMSCAD will host and support customers that want to test drive the technology. During the trial, customers are able to use their own datasets and 3D CAD / BIM applications using VMware or Citrix with AMD virtual GPUs.

The partnership is designed to help enterprise IT realise the benefits of what IMSCAD describes as an easier-to-manage efficient and agile infrastructure. The UK graphics virtualisation specialist, which has offices in London, New York and Zurich, also highlights the other advantages of graphics virtualisation in the cloud, including ‘flexible work styles’ and ‘improved collaboration’ through ‘anywhere, anytime access’ to performance visualisation applications, such as 2D and 3D CAD.

“We are excited to announce our technical partnership with IMSCAD, allowing us to combine their expertise in graphical virtualization with our technology for the virtualized cloud infrastructure,’’ said Michael DeNeffe, director of cloud graphics, AMD. “Design engineering firms will be able to quickly and seamlessly set up testing and deployment of virtual graphics solutions with the IMSCAD service coupled with our ground-breaking technology stack.”

“We are delighted to partner with AMD to expand our solutions for graphical applications both in the Cloud and with on premise solutions. Working with an industry-leading company like AMD, which is at the leading edge of technological innovation, allows us to differentiate our offering and maintain our commitment to delivering an essential service wrap that ensures our customers are successful during deployment,” added Charlie Dawson, channel director, IMSCAD Global.


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