Somos QuickGen 500

Somos QuickGen 500 adds speed to DLP 3D printing

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Somos QuickGen 500, DSM’s new digital light processing resin, is promising fast printing speeds and unique flexibility for 3D printing parts for general prototyping.

DSM states that the new acrylate material includes elements it has specifically developed to make it more flexible than other resins, but stiffer than elastomers, offering both flexibility and spring-back.

DSM claims that the new, colourless material, has print speeds twice as fast as similar resins, and is is ideal for functional and general prototypes, semi-flexible applications, applications with detailed features and – due to its translucency – fluid flow analysis.

This performance should allow users of DLP and LCD 3D printers – typically more economical than stereolithography hardware – increased productivity while cutting time and costs.

DSM worked closely with their ecosystem partner, San Francisco-based Origin, the developer of the Origin One open material 3D printer to develop and test Somos QuickGen 500.

Origin CEO Chris Prucha, said: “With the introduction of Somos QuickGen 500, our industry now has a material that pushes the boundaries of 3D Printing, enabling high performance, fast printing, economical parts.

“This would not have been possible without the combination of material innovation, open material development technology, and tight collaboration between our two companies.”


Geoff Gardner, innovations director Additive Manufacturing at DSM, added: “We’re excited to expand our materials portfolio with Somos QuickGen 500, an engineered resin boasting fast print speeds at an economical cost. DSM continues supporting all manufacturing needs with high performance materials for all 3D printing technologies.”

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