Shining3D announced FreeScan Combo

Shining 3D unveils FreeScan Combo with improved scanner speed

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Shining 3D has announced FreeScan Combo, the new addition to its FreeScan UE series of metrology solutions, which should feature a speed of 1,860,000 points per second, versatility, and high accuracy.

The multifunctional handheld 3D scanner was developed for applications including metrology-grade inspection and reverse engineering.

Shining 3D said the FreeScan Combo was equipped with a dual light source, blue laser and infrared VCSEL, to it could meet the needs of different scanning scenarios.

One of the main features of the FreeScan Combo is its scanning speed. The new addition of the Shining 3D scanning portfolio should be able to achieve a scanning speed of 1,860,000 points per second using the laser scan mode and a speed of 2,250,000 points per second utilising infrared mode.

Shining3D announced FreeScan Combo

It can also capture a vast amount of data per second while delivering high accuracy according to VDI-VDE 2634-2 of 0,02 mm.

The FreeScan Combo was developed to be compact and ergonomic, with a size of 193 mm × 63 mm × 53 mm and a weight of 620 g.


The scanner should feature different modes, including 26 laser lines suitable for easy and large-size laser scanning, 7 parallel laser lines for scanning fine details, and 1 single laser line that can obtain 3D data from narrow areas such as holes. The infrared mode can scan without markers.

The FreeScan Combo should also come with intuitive and free scanning software that provides an easy workflow, powerful, and user-friendly software.

The software integrates connections to the more commonly used 3D inspection and design software, allowing the scan data to be imported more efficiently.

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