CETOL 6 sigm 10.4 HERO

Cetol 6 Sigma v10.4 looks to help ‘maximise profitability’

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Cetol 6 Sigma [6σ] 10.4 variation analysis software for PTC Creo, Dassault Systèmes Solidworks and CATIA, and Siemens NX, has been released by Sigmetrix.

Cetol 6 Sigma enables product development teams to fully understand the complex impact of dimensional and assembly variation on their designs, allowing them to make adjustments before problems appear in manufacturing or in the hands of customers

The big message from Sigmetrix for this release is its renewed goal of improving profitability by balancing quality with manufacturing cost.

“The cost of achieving a quality product grows exponentially as it moves from design to manufacturing and finally to customers hands,” stated Sigmetrix president James Stoddard.

“Cetol 6 Sigma gives engineers the tools to identify and resolve issues earlier in the process, helping to maximise the profitability of products for a company.”

Cetol 6 Sigma v10.4 enhancements include:

  • Unilateral measurement requirements – When defining measurement requirements, the user may specify just an upper or lower limit
  • Improved report processing – Report templates now include options for specifying how the report is post processed and opened in the target application for report layout
  • New command-line execution options for PTC Creo allow for automation of starting a new Cetol analysis or working with data saved from a previous one
  • Improved selection process – When adding a joint or a measurement, after selecting the first feature, that part is either hidden or changed to transparent so that the second selection is easier
  • Better precision control – When entering a tolerance value, the precision automatically increases as you enter more digits, but the precision can only be decreased by specific user action
  • Data management improvements for renamed assemblies – When the model data is stored in the top-level assembly and the CAD assembly has been renamed, CETOL makes it easier for the user to understand that saved data exists and map it to the newly named assembly
  • Revised severities – The severities of some advisor messages have been adjusted to improve consistency between types of messages
  • Naming improvements in the Analyzer – The Analyzer now includes the CAD name for assemblies, parts, and linked annotations in the appropriate columns

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