Velo3D Flow 5.0

Velo3D unveils Flow 5.0 with greater control over 3D printing process

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Velo3D has announced Flow 5.0, with new capabilities including user-selectable core parameter sets that provide enhanced control over builds with the ability to assign different parameters to any part on the build plate.

The latest release of its Flow print preparation software should also provide users with the ability to apply skin and contour overrides, which aims to give them enhanced control over the final material properties of printed parts.

“Through our software, we are able to continually expand our manufacturing capabilities based on customers’ needs and feedback,” said Velo3D VP of engineering Alexander Varlahanov.

“By enabling selectable core parameters for customers, engineers can modify the material properties of their parts to better suit the need of the application, including more isotropic parts. This even works on builds with multiple types of parts where each requires a different core parameter set,” he went on.

The new Flow 5.0 release should include checks and messages that identify possible errors before a build even starts, reducing the likelihood of customers experiencing failures in their builds.

In doing so, engineers using Velo3D’s fully integrated solution can be confident that a part will print successfully before the process begins.

Flow 5.0 should also now includes a feature which allows labelling for objects, allowing users to easily add alphanumeric characters, like serial numbers or other unique identifying text, to their builds within the Flow print preparation software to clearly identify and label instances of their parts.


Once the print file is produced, the characters can be updated through a new Label Updater tool.

The latest release also aims to enable a faster method to calculate build times for builds of different part quantities.

After a part has been prepared for print, users should be able to vary the quantity of that part and see updated build times to better understand the economics of scaled production.

This looks to enable contract manufacturers to speed up their quoting process and accelerates OEM planning and scheduling.

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