Ansys acquires SpaceClaim in $85m buyout

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Engineering simulation and analysis software Ansys has announced today that it has acquired SpaceClaim Corporation for $85 million in cash – around £50m, or a single Fernando Torres.

The press blurb offers some insight, signalling that Ansys has all along been plotting “Simulation Driven Product Development”™ (note the trademark).

This would suggest that direct modelling is key to its envisaged design pathway of leveraging the power of simulation to rapidly iterate on fast 3D designs to drive innovation.
Given that SpaceClaim is ‘neutral’ in working with any CAD package it leans well with Ansys not assigning its open access simulation to one particular brand.

“This transaction is consistent with our strategic vision and M&A strategy, and accelerates our technological product roadmap to enhance our customer offering and drive growth,” said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ANSYS, having decided that SpaceClaim was more useful to the company than the misfiring Chelsea FC striker.

“SpaceClaim is an exciting addition to our portfolio, as it addresses unmet 3-D modeling needs in the conceptual modeling, manufacturing and 3-D printing spaces, which represents an audience of five million users.

“In addition to driving innovation, the addition of SpaceClaim helps ANSYS accelerate the growth of the simulation market by broadening our user base from analysts and expert users to the millions of design and systems engineers in the industry.


“We welcome the SpaceClaim team to ANSYS,” continued Cashman.

Torres must be kicking himself he didn’t get the transfer during the January transfer window.

Stay tuned as we expect to hear more from Ansys about how SpaceClaim will change and accommodate its simulation capabilities in the coming weeks.

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