Dyson to open own fee free university to tackle skills gap

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The Dyson R&D Campus will become home to 25 students of the company’s own Institute of Technology

The Dyson Institute of Technology is soon to offer an alternative to traditional university degrees, as the company’s founder looks to directly tackle the engineering skills gap.

With Dyson looking to double its engineering team by 2020, the company’s expanded Research and Development Campus in Wiltshire will become home to the company’s own training facilities, as it invests £15 million into the university-style setup over the next five years.

“We are competing globally with Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. It’s all the major technology nations and we have got to be better than them,” said Sir James Dyson at the launch of the new campus.
The first 25 students will begin their studies in September next year, not paying any fees, but earning a salary and working alongside Dyson engineers product designs and engineering.

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