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Productive Machines has launched its first commercially available software, a cloud-based Feed Rate Calculator app to enhance machining strategies by offering cutting forces predictions and feed rate optimisation for CNC machining.

The new Feed Rate Calculator web app, the first in range of smart tools being developed by Productive Machines, aims to let manufacturers make fast decisions about the use of untested milling processes and obtain accurate forecasts of cutting forces expected on the cutting tool, unlocking significant cost and time savings time.

By applying the app’s recommended spindle speeds and feed rates to your specific machine settings, it claims that chatter can be reduced significantly, optimising the cutting, reducing material waste and enhancing cutting-tool life – while reducing vibrations even leads to lower electricity consumption during machining.

The ambitious start-up, a spinoff from the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), is one of just 10 to have been invited to the Boeing innovation accelerator programme. Its use of unique digital twins allow it to simulate millions of combinations of machine settings to arrive at the optimum feed rate and spindle speed setting for a given process prior to manufacturing. This AI-based technology eliminates chatter vibrations and delivers sustainable manufacturing processes to obtain the right part, faster, first time.

“Our team has been working tirelessly to develop tools that will not only make precision machining more efficient but also more accessible to manufacturers of all sizes,” said Productive Machines CEO Erdem Ozturk, adding that this first release will pave the way for the launch of a full suite of cloud-based optimisation and predictive maintenance products set to be released in October 2023, which will have “a huge impact on improving productivity in the CNC arena worldwide”.

“Our goal is to do nothing less than to put an end to the age-old machining challenge of destructive chatter vibrations. This new app is the first in a line of easy-to-use tools that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide simple, easy-to-use tools that will enable manufacturers to increase cutting efficiency, reduce machine times, prevent waste and improve product quality.”

The launch app is available to DEVELOP3D Readers as a free trial, here.


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