Aras boosts low-code capabilities for application modelling in Innovator 12

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Aras has announced the latest release of its PLM system, Innovator 12, as it looks to further connect all the physical and digital engineering aspects of modern day product development..

Aras has continued to extend the platform’s modelling engine by adding new low-code capabilities to enable the creation of sophisticated data models composed of content at the paragraph, section and field level, with related items collectively treated as a single entity for the creation and management of documents with impact analysis of changes.

Possibly the biggest change comes to the User Interface (UI), where a simpler experience should enable higher employee engagement and increased employee productivity that should help Innovator work faster.
The new UI should make Aras easier to learn and use while a navigation redesign could help users find the information they need in fewer steps.

The supply chain is also at the heart of one of the biggest updates, enhancing secure web access to include new permission capabilities for need-to-know scenarios and geopolitical boundary related access restrictions.

In addition, connected instance sync has been added to the platform for inside and outside the firewall deployments with supplier data from projects, programs or workspaces.

Aras says that the capabilities cover a wide range of supplier collaboration use cases while ‘enabling companies to dynamically set-up and reconfigure highly specific supply chain access’.


Version 12 also adds graph view capabilities for users to visualise and navigate data structures throughout all applications on the platform – subject to user permissions – using a node-edge graph.

Users can quickly see multiple views of data relationships in the Digital Thread for visual analysis of information across the lifecycle.

“Aras Innovator 12 is all about making complicated things easier – supplier access, application modelling, Digital Thread traceability, business-critical application usability – so we can all be more productive,” said John Sperling, senior VP of product management at Aras.

“Whether you’re trying to hire and retain tech-savvy workers or changing suppliers as trade policies fluctuate, Aras has unique features to support your global operations.”

Aras Innovator 12 is available immediately and subscribers are guaranteed compatibility and receive upgrades with upgrade services on all applications including customisations.

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