Zaha Hadid wants new knobs and baubles in FOC Talents Challenge

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Since its take over by 3D Systems the Freedom Of Creation design team has been a little quiet, until this week and the launch of the FOC Talents Challenge.

In partnership with superstar architect and designer of all things sweepingly-angular, Zaha Hadid, the competition is hunting for new design talent – with Hadid co-writting the design brief.

It invites a qualified group of talented designers to create an “Interior Jewel,” a knob, handle or hanger to personalise any environment. The participants will leverage 3D Systems’ content-to-print solutions to design with complete freedom.

“Our Interior Jewel challenge embodies our belief that intricate eye catching designs create an emotive connection between individuals and their interiors,” OMG’d Janne Kyttanen, creative director, 3D Systems FOC Team. “Nothing excites me more than mentoring and empowering talented designers to unleash their creative dreams with the freedom of design and creation available through our 3D Systems content-to-print solutions.”

Find out more here and give Zaha Hadid a treat.


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