Solid Edge 2024

Solid Edge 2024 adds AI, but maintains focus on large assemblies

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The release of Solid Edge 2024 sees Siemens’ software continue its focus on large assembly performance, while introducing new functionalities and enhancements to automate and speed design as well as collaboration.

Part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, Solid Edge 2024 has added some pace to its engine, letting users instantly visualise, pan, zoom and rotate largest assemblies up to 9x faster than the previous release.

Better model view performance reduces lags, stutters and buffering, while new Immersive View Styles can put models in a real-world environment that automatically updates with model movement for more contextual realism while designing.

AI gets a run out in 2024, helping predict and offer valid alternatives for parts in an assembly based on relationships with other parts, while AI is used in the user interface to learn your behaviour – showing users relevant commands in the right context to help speed up their workflow.

Solid Edge 2024 AI Replace Part
Solid Edge can now intelligently suggest assembly relationships and predict valid alternative solutions using AI

AI is also found in Solid Edge CAM Pro, helping produce faster, more accurate, programming with a prediction node to guide you through the operation editing process, offering suggestions based on the machining application and your programming style.

The Cloud Connect Tool Library is a cloud-based tool manager that allows you to edit and define tools before using them. And 3D Adaptive Roughing automatically enables faster and more efficient material removal.

To better convey design intent for downstream manufacturing processes, new Model Based Definition (MBD) capabilities have been added, including automated assistance to reduce ambiguity while proposing consistent model dimensioning and annotations. Improved publishing tools should allow the delivery design information through customisable templates.


Siemens’ Synchronous technology’s intelligent modelling capabilities recognise and maintain design intent in real time, even on models coming from other systems. And generative design capabilities add machine intelligence to concept design, automatically computing geometric solutions from defined constraints.

An expanded roster of supported formats sees Solid Edge’s ability to work with data from other CAD systems maintained, whether you’re switching from another CAD system, reusing legacy design data, or working with suppliers.

As part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, 2024 sees enhanced interoperability between Solid Edge and NX, Teamcenter and Teamcenter Share.

Solid Edge SaaS subscriptions include cloud collaboration with Teamcenter Share. Connected to products across the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, Share offers users cloud-based capabilities for collaboration anywhere, on any device. Streamlined integration, new productivity enhancements, increased storage and file support should help improve communication and move projects forward.

The integration with Teamcenter adds ‘complete traceability’ of characteristics information to Solid Edge Inspector, allows interface between Solid Edge Inspector, Siemens Opcenter and Teamcenter Quality, and supports the import of 3D data from JT files into Solid Edge 3D Publishing.

NX Interoperability enhancements allow Solid Edge files to look the same when opened in NX, improve PMI associativity, and provide support for stacked annotations, center marks, centerline of bolt hole circle, and more. Teamcenter Product Configurator is now fully embedded in the Solid Edge environment.

Value-Based Licensing takes the approach of bundling license tokens that can be spent to access Solid Edge add-on products on demand – giving instant access to advanced functionality that can be shared across your product development teams on an as-needed basis.

Used in combination with Solid Edge, the token bundle can allow access to products including Generative Design Pro, Point Cloud Visualization, Electrical Routing, PCB Collaboration, Advanced PMI, Simulation, and Solid Edge XpresRoute.

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