Ultimaker 3 joins list of desktop 3D printers targeting pro users

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The Ultimaker 3 range – heading to a workbench near you?

The next generation of Ultimaker’s 3D printing product line, the Ultimaker 3 has positioned the desktop machine ready to target the professional market.

With the bottom having well and truly fallen out of the consumer market, the Dutch company, like the rest of the desktop FDM 3D printer manufacturers, is hoping that designers and engineers will fall for its charms – having honed its abilities for swift and unfussy printing, and added dual extrusion and soluble support material.

New soluble support material, combined with the dual extruder should make the Ultimaker 3 an appealing option for designers and engineers


By far the biggest upgrade for the machine, the dual extrusion system allows the freedom to produce more complex outputs, and now in a in a full range of ‘engineering materials’, including nylon and dissolvable PVA, and in two colours, should that take your fancy.

Enhanced printer automation that eliminates a lot of the guesswork from printing prep: NFC technology lets users know what materials are loaded, helping avoid errors, although active bed levelling will no doubt be of more interest – aiming the machine at producing consistent models every time.

Updated connectivity through integrated Wi-Fi, in addition to USB and ethernet connections should aid connection in the office environment, while a built-in camera offers the user remote monitoring ability.

The Ultimaker 3 range – which includes the taller build volume 3 Extended printer – starts at £2795 exc VAT.

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