New Vacuum Accessory by Bantam Tools

Bantam Tools unveils new desktop CNC vacuum accessory

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Bantam Tools has announced the launch of a new vacuum accessory for its desktop CNC machine, which should allow users to save on clean-up and iteration times by reducing chip evacuation.

This new accessory attaches seamlessly to the Bantam Tools’ desktop CNC milling machine and allows for live vacuuming to increase chip evacuation, the NY-based CNC machines manufacturing company has stated.

According to Bantom Tools, this new accessory comes with a whole range of benefits including improved material visibility, reduced iteration and clean-up times and a smoother material finish.

The company also suggests that using the CNC vacuum accessory should also help users maintain the life and quality of end mills.

Purchasable on Bantam’s website for $139, the desktop CNC vacuum accessory was launched right after Bantam Tools introduced the new Desktop CNC air blaster accessory.

Similarly to the new vacuum accessory, the CNC air blaster aims at speeding up cycle times, especially when working with heavy-debris materials, like aluminium, or when machining larger chips.

“Our customers have been requesting more accessories to go with their Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machines, and we have been hard at work creating these new accessories,” said Bantam Tools CEO Bre Pettis.


“Last week we were excited to introduce the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Air Blaster Accessory. This week we are introducing the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Vacuum Accessory. Both work seamlessly to help you mill better products. We are excited to see our customers’ responses to these items and know they will encourage other mechanical engineers, entrepreneurs, electrical engineers, machinists, designers, students, educators and digital fabricators to make more parts.”