Bose heads up product design visionaries at DEVELOP3D LIVE Boston

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Bringing design of all scales and sizes to Boston, DEVELOP3D LIVE is set to uncover how leading design firms are harnessing the very latest in product development technology to innovate.

Taking place at District Hall, Boston, USA on September 26, the day of exciting presentations and hands-on sessions with the latest technology will be headed up by luxury audio brand Bose’s lead industrial designer Gustavo Fontana.

Fontana, who also heads up Advanced Development department at the company, is always on the look-out for new product development technologies. In his no-nonsense style, his presentation will share his thoughts on the ever evolving digital design process.
As consumers demand more personalization and customization, Sarah Krasley of Unreasonable Women explores how new manufacturing and design methods can help.

How do you grow fresh food anywhere? Build an automated hydroponic farm inside a shipping container, of course. Jon Friedman of successful start-up Freight Farms will explain all.

Jon Friedman will explain how Freight Farms is enabling produce growth anywhere in the world thanks to its hydroponic shipping container design


The BIOSswimmer is an unmanned underwater vehicle for homeland security. John DePiano will present how Boston Engineering looked at 20 million years of evolution and reverse engineered it for the project.

Scotrenewables designs machines to convert tidal energy into electricity. With a team spread between Edinburgh and the Orkney Islands, William Annal will describe how they use cloud-based CAD to collaborate and speed up design.

Converting tidal energy into electricity, Scotrenewables designs the machines to generate natural energy with the aid of cloud computing

Peter Raymond, will introduce Human Condition, an R&D lab in lower Manhattan, New York, which creates simulations using wearables, virtual reality, and building information modelling to save lives.

Finally, get the low down on the world’s first 3D printed office. Jorge Barrero, HKS, will give insights into 3D printing on a large scale and the evolution of visualisation, computation and fabrication.

DEVELOP3D LIVE Boston take place at District Hall, Boston, USA on September 26 – Find out more and grab your tickets here.

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