Nintendo Switch opens designers thoughts to customised controls

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The Nintendo Switch controls system opens the market for customised designs to suit individual games

With Nintendo unveiling its new games console, the Nintendo Switch, its modular ‘Joy-Con’ controllers that can be removed from the traditional handheld controller and connected to a portable mini-display is definitely the biggest USP.

Nintendo are one of the most innovative and risk-taking of all the major console manufacturers, but already the general consensus is that it is on to a winner, with ideas flowing in fast for how the Joy Con system could be adapted to provide unique control set-ups for individual games.

Twitter user Ryan Salamanda’s idea for swapping out the right unit for a Pokémon Snap shutter-release button, a physical fishing reel or gun trigger gun attachment are great ideas – and although these are the musings of one excited gamer, given the entire Japanese maker community being embraced by manufacturers (like Olympus’ open platform camera design project), it wouldn’t surprise us to see this taken further.

The new Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con controls


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