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Another two men fall hopelessly in love with the back of Bazza’s head

Ahh Bazza – he’s a darling isn’t he? – in time for Valentine’s Day he’s declared his love for 3D printing [The First Lady is in for a treat…] setting up three new manufacturing innovation institutes.

In his State of the Union address he whispered sweet nothings into the ear of Congress, suggesting that they ‘slip into something more comfortable’ before they create a network of 15 additive manufacturing hubs and guarantee that the next revolution in manufacturing is made in America.

As far as we’re aware he’s hoping for this to be built around future professional equipment, taking advantage of technological expertise taking precedent over cheap labour, rather than simply wrestling the mobile phone attachments market back from China with some fabbed-up cases.
He specifically name-dropped the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in Youngstown, Ohio, (which was given a leg-up of $30 million by those loving, caring folks at the US Department of Defense, plus an extra $40 million from other sources) as a figurehead project advancing the technology he views as part of bringing manufacturing back to the US.

Could his sudden unbridled love for the technology be down to the hard work of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or possibly some more personal influence from National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which the dear Ping Fu serves as a part of?

Whatever the reason, someone get him entered into our ‘Make A Bot’ competition, he’ll bloody love it – we’re expecting something along the lines of Iron Patriot


Watch the part about 3D printing from 15.23 onwards:

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