Anti Copying In Design ‘Name and Shame’ campaign highlights worst design rip-offs

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Spot the difference between these products – everything from furniture, toys and prints are being allegedly copied

Original design, or blatant copy? The Anti Copying In Design (ACID) campaign has stepped up its fight against IP infringements with a campaign, offering you the chance to spot the difference between someone’s hard graft, and a copy-cat product.

‘Imitation isn’t flattery if it costs you your business!’ is the motto, and thanks to this campaign and social media, ACID’s members are finding high profile ways to highlight blatant copying.

Success stories already include the case of Tatty Devine and Claire’s Accessories necklaces. This received an instant result with Claire’s Accessories removing an alleged lookalike of Tatty Devine’s design within 24 hours.

Tatty Devine and Claire’s Accessories necklaces


However, the trouble with such cases – as ACID advises – is doing so without expert legal advice, as you have to be very careful of defamation and not make groundless threats.

If you have examples of your originals and look alikes, feel free to submit them to the Spot The Difference gallery, with evidence of your design origination (registered design or signed and dated drawings).

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