‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’ is back picking up a technology paycheck – this time 3D Systems is paying

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Having eagerly followed the coverage from CES this week, amongst the 3D printing and electrical goods magic on show, we were taken aback by one unveiling in particular.

The Technology Messiah – the man who singlehandedly pioneered Intel’s Sandy Bridge chip, let alone his own car company IAMAUTO, and his wondrous iPhone add-on foto.sosho – is back, and this time as the Chief Creative Officer of 3D Systems.

We don’t need to cover this any more [we did it a couple of years back]. The bewilderment is still too much. Needless to say “You-Know-Who” has been a long time fan of the company.

Read the full press release here if you can stomach it.

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