Materialise metals 3D printing take to the stage across 10 cities

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Materialise’s metals 3D printing lecture tour will visit 10 European cities

Materialise is set to host a series of seminars on Metal 3D Printing in 10 European Cities, beginning in Sheffield on 18 March.

A leading provider of 3D printing software, and solutions, as well as certified manufacturing services, the company aims to educate engineers and designers on the added value of metal 3D printing.

The tour is part of Materialise’s 3DP Academy, a series of half-day workshops providing in-depth information on technologies, materials and applications for 3D Printing.

“At Materialise, we strongly believe that awareness of the possibilities and a deep understanding of design and engineering for additive manufacturing is the key to success,” explains Materialise Manufacturing Director Jurgen Lauds.

“With these events we want to provide engineers with the necessary know-how to find and develop the right applications for metal 3D Printing.”


For more information, and to register, click here.

Tour dates:
• 18 March – Sheffield, UK
• 24 March – Utrecht, Netherlands
• 7 April – Milan, Italy
• 13 April – Bremen, Germany
• 21 April – Ostrava, Czech Republic
• 16 May – Rzeszow, Poland
• 26 May – Stockholm, Sweden
• 31 May – Munich, Germany
• 9 June – Barcelona, Spain
• 3 October – Lyon, France