Take to the polls: Exhibitions

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Trade shows: Human interaction, carrier bags full of stuff, and free pens; what else is life for?

I’m pretty sure that after the weekend a lot of you are sat shivering in an icebox office right now, so what better way to warm up your digits than a little cardio-clicking with this week’s poll?

First though, here’s last weeks results as analyzed by Martyn Day, looking at the amount of CAD packages you use:

“Why have one CAD system when you can have five!!?

“The vast majority of our readers run 2 or more CAD systems in-house (76%). This is hardly surprising, given that in all our previous polls on this subject multiple CAD systems have always been the dominant strategy, whether this be a legacy system and a replacement one, different departments having an individual selection, or for compatibility with clients.

“The sweet spot is certainly in the 2-3 systems area (60%), while a fair percentage (11.02%) claim to use 5 or more. Despite the cost of running multiple systems, it seems that the benefit to these companies make the expenditure worthwhile, or a necessary evil.”


Having spent a small part of last week pacing the halls at a trade show we thought it apt to find out why, in this multimedia age, people attend such events? This is not to say we can’t see the point of them – we like them as it’s a great way to meet readers, generally network with all different segments of the industry in one echoing hall, find out news and rumours, and come up with great ideas for future features – but why are you there, shuffling between stands and paying small fortunes for inadequate coffee?

As always, leave your comments, questions and any other reasons that we may have missed off in the comments section below.

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