Teach Yourself: Intro to SolidThinking Evolve modelling + rendering

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Teach yourself modelling and rendering basics in SolidThinking Evolve with this video tutorial

SolidThinking Evolve is a hidden gem of a tool, unlikely to be your day to day modeller, but something that from time to time you will pull out of the bag to get exactly the shapes you wanted, with the freedom of experimentation.

Some clever geometry creation and editing tools might just take things to the next level, while the Inspire add-on brings out parent company Altair’s showpiece – high quality surface design along with FEA-based optimisation tools.

To get you started we’ve dug out an excellent tutorial (even if it is going at a brisk pace) showing you the basics of Evolve, and even how to take a model into rendering within the package.

To find out more about SolidThinking Evolve, check out our review here.



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