Faro unveils ‘virtual extension of human arm’, the Quantum S for 3D measurement and inspection

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Increased performance, durability and improved ergonomics are the three big gains Faro is hoping to make with the launch of its latest 3D scanner arm, the Quantum S.

The Quantum S is set up to work with the FaroBlu Laser Line Probe HD for both direct-to-parts contact and non-contact requirements in every working environment, with Faro naming the QuantumS a ‘virtual extension of the human arm’ citing it design to cause 15 per cent fatigue for the operator with direct, contact only units.

Amendments to the design have reportedly increased both comfort and portability, aiding operator productivity for long term use over a workday, while new FM Wi-Fi helps aid wireless scanning and probing.

Furthermore, the availability of dual, hot swappable batteries supports continuous operation anywhere without the need for external power.

It’s also the first FaroArm to be certified against the new, rigorous ISO Standard 10360-12:2016, a global standard Faro announces as the ‘most rigorous international measurement quality standard in existence’.


Faro brings out more standard codes when explaining the new model’s ruggedness, as it tests to the International Electrical Commission (IEC 60068 -2) standards for shock, vibration and temperature stress relief.

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