ESI acquire big data visual analytics specialists Mineset

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ESI has acquired Big Data and machine learning software company Mineset

In a world of rising demand by companies for IoT tools and Industry 4.0 solutions, ESI has acquired Mineset from Silicon Graphics International (SGI), for “providing transformative processes for design and manufacturing”.

A visual analytics platform that integrates advanced visualisation with machine-learning technology through a Cloud-based web browser interface, the product has been specifically designed for non-programming professionals.

As a big data visual analytics and machine-learning specialist, it is hoped that the acquisition of Mineset will complement ESI’s recent integration of Picviz Labs – now ‘Inendi’ – and its technology for big data mining.
Combining Inendi’s data correlation detection with Mineset’s pattern recognition, and linking both to ESI Group’s virtual prototyping solutions, the aim is to provide a new process and source of value creation, particularly in the traditional Virtual Engineering domain.

Mineset’s technology, including what it calls its ‘human-in-the-loop iterative analytics with an intuitive user interface’, will be integrated within ESI Group’s overall virtual engineering offering and adapted to each specific application in the product-design process.

With the target of improving the decision-making processes, big data analytics, pattern recognition and machine-learning technology should enhance ESI Group’s solutions with new capabilities in terms of simulation result analysis, discovery of hidden correlations, fault detection, predictive maintenance and design optimisation.


As a result ESI states it will contribute to the delivery of better simulation and modeling results and, subsequently, to a reduction in production and maintenance times.

Applications such as advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving represent promising use cases, while constituting a new market opportunity for ESI Group, notably in the US where SGI and Mineset’s technology are already well recognised.

“Mineset technology was developed with the vision to further data analytics and visualisation with machine learning,” said SGI president and CEO Jorge Titinger.

“We are excited to see ESI Group take this technology to the next level, delivering transformational solutions to help customers design better products and further machine learning.”

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