Link3D introduces blockchain to connect the digital thread for Additive Manufacturing

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Digital Factory, the flagship SaaS product from Link3D, has added Blockchain technology, enabling enhanced data governance, provenance, audibility and validation – helping to link the start-to-finish data strand.

Link3D suggest that the inclusion of Blockchain solves major problems in the 3D printing workflow, including file integration, IP integrity, with Blockchain technology being used to track origination of each design file and its evolution.

It is also capable of facility matching and authentication, as service bureau capability can be stored on Blockchain and orders can be pre-verified, while real-time data from machines can be stored in an immutable way for forensics during recalls and for traceability.
Exploration of Blockchain – a distributed ledger – with 3D printing is untested, however Link3D’s states its technology is looking to provide a solution to organising data ‘in a high-level, safe way’ across the additive manufacturing workflow.

“Blockchain technology can be utilised as the backbone technology in the digital manufacturing ecosystem,” explains Link3D CTO and Co-founder, Vishal Singh.

“Our technology is the first of its kind and will absolutely simplify and secure 3D printing processes for all industries.”


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