Google bids big on Carbon3D action

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A $100M investment by Google Ventures adds to the excitement, and expectation, of Carbon3Ds eventual 3D printer launch

$100 million can buy you a lot of things: private jets, super yachts, a dank bedsit in West London… it also buys you a large share of the excitement and potential future profits of 3D printing start-up Carbon3D.

Google Ventures’ financing, which dwarfs Autodesk’s hefty $10M input, will support Carbon3D as it continues to develop the technology and materials announced in March 2015.

Carbon3D’s Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology (CLIP), a tuneable photochemical process instead of the traditional mechanical approach, is already at work with the company announcing early customers from targeted industries including automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, athletic apparel and industrial products.
In addition to Google Ventures, the Series C round of funding includes new investors Yuri Milner, Reinet Fund S.C.A., F.I.S. and others. All existing Series A and B investors including Sequoia Capital, Silver Lake Kraftwerk and Northgate Capital also participated. The Autodesk Spark Investment Fund’s investment in the company, announced in April 2015, was converted to equity during this round.

“Carbon3D’s printing technology is an order of magnitude faster than existing technologies,” ­said Andy Wheeler, General Partner at Google Ventures.

“Carbon3D’s technology has the potential to dramatically expand the 3D printing market beyond where it stands today and reshape the manufacturing landscape.”


What is CLIP?

We take an initial look at Carbon3D’s technology, launched in March 2015, here.

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