ThingX Connect IIoT platform from ThingTech launches

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ThingTech has launched its ‘revolutionary’ ThingX Connect platform that looks to productise the IIoT into a simple yet configurable plug-and-play solution.

The system integrates in real time to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software to capture streaming data from IoT devices/sensors at the edge, that can be processed on the device’s SoC (system on chip) or connected to ThingTech Enterprise, a cloud-based EAM system with deep MRO and workflow functionalities.

Any chosen actionable intelligence gleaned from these insights can be extended to field service operations and visualised with ThingX Mobile, a mobile application that enables field service mobility with GPS navigation and mapping, enhanced scheduling and dispatch, work order optimisation, and other mobile workforce management tools.

“This release represents over one and a half years of development and engineering, and has been strategically designed for maximum flexibility, scalability, and ease of use,” said ThingTech CTO Vlad Mijatovic.

“The re-architected platform and products leverage industry leading user-experience tools and microservices, giving us the ability to store, run, process, and analyse big data at scale.


“As we grow we’ll continue to focus on high-transactional data processing to enable companies to operationalize data from any IoT-enabled ‘thing’ using multiple wireless communication methods and protocols.”

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