CoreTechnologie updates IP security for 3D CAD models

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A compressor CAD model, before and after simplification in CoreTechnologies 3D Evolution

With the protection of 3D CAD data critical to continued exclusivity in the market, IP protection experts CoreTechnologie has enhanced its software 3D Evolution to provide new levels of safety.

The German-French software manufacturer’s Simplify module has automated algorithms that offer to rapidly remove internal parts of geometry without losing any external features or surfaces while maintaining a solid model, while assemblies can be flattened into a single multi-body part thus eliminating the part names.

By integrating custom geometry manipulation tools developed by CoreTechnologie directly into the existing Teamcenter or other PLM architecture, CoreTechnologie says can allow for secure processing of heavy data without the need for extracting data to a local or shared drive.
3D Evolution utilises a standard toolset for user interaction, allowing a seamless and consistent output of packaging models to be achieved.

Over and above the benefits of IP protection, users can benefit from the module’s ability to significantly reduce file size by as much as 80 percent for packaging, market-ready geometry and in plant layout applications, just to name a few.

The include or exclude functions allow for the definition of specific areas in the model for example: mounting brackets. The emboss selection permits for the removal of the details, however leaving an emboss showing a dent where a hole or a part was removed.


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