Digital manufacturing boom sees Comau open new UK robotic engineering facilities

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An automated future is coming to the North East of England

Comau has opened a new facility in the UK to help capitalise on the increase in digital fabrication and manufacture.

Offering its range of automation products such as Robots, Spot Guns, the RHEvo Hemming Solution and CNC machines, Comau UK has served customers throughout the country since 1991.

Its new Gateshead facilities are seen as ready to meet the needs of the North East of England thanks to its offering of a full range of competencies from concept design to full-line integration.

Comau’s latest robot, the e.Do, is a 6-axis small form machine, running off a Raspberry Pi and is designed to encourage the uptake of robotics across a wide range of industries


Comau specialises in working with customers to build up small systems, which can then be transformed into full automated solutions, working with ‘Virtual Commissioning’ technologies to help avoid plant disruption.

With its new Gateshead engineering facilities, Comau is able to prebuild cells in a controlled environment and get them ready for factory acceptance testing, which further contributes to minimising the time needed on site.

“I am proud to celebrate the expansion of Comau UK, which is an important step forward for the company in the direction to be always closer to our customers” said managing director Brendan Blennerhassett.

“We are investing in our technology offering, our services and our facilities to help companies of all sizes respond to evolving market needs. This includes engineering the enabling technologies to support highly individualised, highly efficient production while safeguarding productivity and profitability for our customers, across the entire manufacturing line.”

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