Critical Mass puts a motion controlled wah wah pedal into a pair of Converse

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A rock icon itself, Critical Mass took the design a step further and added in rock’n’roll hardware

Challenged by Converse to come up with something creative from a pair of its blank Chuck Taylors, creative agency Critical Mass set about making the most rock’n’roll pair yet.

Its in-house maker team was cracked into action, beginning by tearing out the electronics from a Vox Classic Wah Wah, replacing the original switch with a flex sensor, adding an Arduino Nano to amplify the signal and building it all into the sole of the size 12 Chuck Taylor.

Renamed “The Converse Chet Atkins All Wah,” after Mr. Guitar, Chet Atkins, the first man ever to use a wah wah pedal, the working wah wah pedal comes complete with twin jack ports in the front to plug in your guitar and amp.

Ripping out the electrics of a classic was way pedal, the innards were boosted by installing an Arduino Nano


Critical Mass is a full-service digital experience design agency, but critically with its own in-house maker space for projects such as this.

Watch the video of how they did it here.

With input and output jacks on the shoe, it means you can rock out like a legend

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