Shapr3D history based parametric modelling

History-based modelling coming to Shapr3D

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Shapr3D has announced that it will add history-based parametric modelling to its CAD system in Q4 2023, building its set of tools beyond its much loved concepting and fast rendering abilities.

“Last year, we started hearing a common refrain from our customer base, ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies,” explains Shapr3D CEO István Csanády.

“They wanted to do even more with Shapr3D, beyond just conceptual design and prototyping. They wished to use our product for more complex engineering and manufacturing workflows. Our customers loved the user experience of Shapr3D – the ability to seamlessly switch between tablets and desktop computers, or design next to their CNC machine or on a plane using their mobile devices. However, for many of their more complex workflows, they needed history-based parametric modelling.”

Shapr3D said that history-based parametric modelling will become available in Q4 of 2023 at the announcement of its summer product tour, which also included the launch of a new user interface – arriving in the next month – and upcoming folders to house designs and projects.

Beyond having more personal organisation for work, the Folders are set to help provide an overall more frictionless workflow – allowing users to share designs with coworkers, clients, and stakeholders on the spot, or keep them private.

Folders will be released later this year, while another update, the debut of a search bar for finding projects or folders by title, will follow soon after.

The new UI continues on Shapr3D’s path to be multi-platform, working equally as well on desktop as mobile devices. The initial results are a typically clean Shapr3D UI, but with a smart assumption of what tools you might need with any given action, such as selecting a part or face, and quick on-off buttons for details like measurements.


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