QR codes built into 3D printed parts adds extra AR dimension

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A combination of Rize’s voxel-level ink jetting 3D printing capability and the usage of the new 3MF format means that significant intelligence on the additive part can now be carried from the digital world into the physical world.

Engineers can 3D print secure information on an industrial part, in a QR code for example, allowing common smartphone app can scan the QR code on the part and instantly display the corresponding digital information online.

Its an interesting use for Rize’s 3D Printing capabilities, connecting the part with an ever increasing digital ecosystem – with uses for compliance, authenticity and traceability.

“This is the first step towards embedding intelligent capabilities within the part and connecting them through a digital thread into the digital twin of the part,” said Rize president and CEO Andy Kalambi.


“Rize is leading the integration of additive manufacturing into the digital ecosystem which will redefine the user and customer and experience and ultimately scale the technology to an entirely new segment of commercial and industrial users.”

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